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Atelier tailoring "Maten Hall, the oldest Atelier of the Frunze district, part of the famous Association", Leningradodezhda".


Tailoring men's clothing.

• Coat jacket
• Winter coat
• Summer coat (raincoat)
• Jacket made of blended fabric
• Jacket
• Vest
• Pants
• Jumpsuit

Tailoring of women's clothing.

• Coat jacket
• Winter coat
• Summer coat (raincoat)
• Jacket made of blended fabric
• Jacket
• Vest
• Pants
• Dress (of acetate silk)
• Dress (cotton)
• Dress (brocade, velvet, chiffon, lace)
• Cover for dresses
• Straight skirt (silk, cotton)
• The skirt is straight and made of expensive fabric)
• The case for skirts
• Blouse (silk, wool, cotton, Jersey, brocade, lace, chiffon, velvet)
• Jumpsuit

Tailoring of children's clothes.

• Winter coat
• Coat
• Coat jacket
• Summer coat (raincoat)
• Jacket made of blended fabric
• Jacket
• Vest
• Pants
• The dress of all kinds of fabrics
• Skirt
• Blouse
• Jumpsuit
• School uniform
• Fancy dress

Discounts for children (age child):
From 1 to 10 years – 50%
From 11 to 16 years – 30%

Also, we produce:

• Repairing clothes (fabrics, leather, fur, suede)
• Full cover clothing and lightweight dresses
• Decrease (increase) the size of the product
• The shortening (lengthening ) of the product
• Changing the shape of the shoulder
• Turning a collar in the blouse, men's shirt
• Replacement, removal or production of insulation products
• Replacement of pockets in trousers
• Replacement pockets for other products
• Making loops: "by eye", without the "eye" and oblachnykh
• Shifter sleeves ( shortening or lengthening)
• Final products Ironing steam irons
• Manufacturer of fly zip fly button and loop
• Replace lining on all products
• Machine mending jeans and other products
• Manufacture of women's shoes from ready-made prefabricated
• The artistic "aging" jeans
• Manufacture and repair of curtains, tablecloths, napkins and bed linen
• Making buttons
• To change the size and the shortening of t-shirts and other articles of knitted cloths
• Replace zippers in articles
• Set of buttons, hooks, carabiners, hook and loop fastener
• Replacement of locks, zippers
• Production of hoods, stoles, collars
• Replacement of the lining in the hood
• Staging of patches on product
• Tailoring of uniforms to employees of the Ministry of interior, traffic police, emergency and cadets.
• Paresev and repair of uniforms
• Paresev and repair of uniforms
• Tailoring of products from fur.
• Tailoring of leather products.

Address: 192283, Russian Federation, St. Petersburg, Al'piyskiy pereulok,18
+7 (812) 773 70 64

How to get to the Atelier:
The street is one-way from Budapeshtskaya street.
Underground: Moskovskaya, Kupchino, Volkovskaya.
Railway platform "Prospekt Slavy".
Ground transportation: all buses, trolleybuses, bus stop Alpiyskiy pereulok